Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No more a commodity and not only for Omega 3 !

More and more people are interested in flax, not only for the large amount of Omega 3 in the oil, but also for other components which are found in the whole linseed (dietary fibers, lignans and other nutrients as proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, etc.) and which make this linseed a superb and efficient nutri-functional ingredient.

More and more, flax is considered as somewhat as a "vegetal pig" ; that means that "from nose to tail", every part is very useful and the whole is called the "most useful" vegetal (Linum usitatissimum) : healthy nutrition, both for humans and animals, but also many other various industrial applications are concerned by flax, like the use of its fibre for non-textile use.

Such a wonderful raw material gives for producers and retailers many techno-marketing opportunities : should we only speak of it as a commodity ?